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Monday, June 17, 2019

Peruvian Dolls

These dolls are contemporary Peruvian dolls made using ancient (pre-Colombian) textile fragments. They are re-creations of a doll-making tradition that existed 1000 years ago along the arid central coast of Peru. Modern indigenous Peruvian artisans recreate Chancay dolls (named after the Chancay culture that inhabited the central coast of Peru ca. AD 1000 - 1476) in the old style using ancient fabrics. The Chancay culture is believed to have been conquered and incorporated into the Inca Empire in the mid to late 13th century. The original Chancay dolls did not have embroidered faces but instead the facial features were woven into a piece of cloth which was wrapped around plant fiber to form the doll's head. The original dolls have been found in tombs and were possibly funerary offerings.  I purchased these dolls from an indigenous vendor when traveling the  back roads of Peru.  10.5 to 11" in height.  $25 each.

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