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Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Self Portrait

That artists are physically or mentally ill (as explanation for their art) has been discussed for hundreds of decades. I admit that I have thought that myself about a few that I used to know.
I have heard many artists say that if they don't do art they are going to go crazy, and I
know that doing art was my salvation when my husband was in a nursing home. It was painful for him as he was delusional and hallucinatory....(and, for some reason, those are always bad, just like a nightmare is always bad). It was painful seeing him a helpless, frightened child in what remained...almost to the very end.... a handsome, broad shouldered man's body.

I would do art and time during which I felt I was "somewhere else" would fly. I was always
surprised that no grief showed in my work....only joy. Today, when I looked at my latest
piece through the lens of my camera, I questioned my state of mental health.....oh, not too
seriously, but I am doing quite a bit with body fragments. And, my eBay auction winnings of
Barbie dolls have not even arrived yet.


Blogger Unknown said...

Your work does not look crazy at all; it looks beautiful and mysterious. I'm not sure what 'sane' guts and emotions look like much less how to define them.
I was thinking about J. the other night. I didn't know why. And thinking about you, post J. Does anyone in your new enviorment want to hear about him?

10:49 AM  
Blogger Chaska Peacock said...

Thank you for your nice comments, i.e "beautiful and mysterious" is good! But will it play in.......?, I always wonder, not that I am creating for others. Still, at some point, I need to sell it and this makes me wonder about the venues available.

No, no one has any interest in hearing about Jack. Perhaps, it is considered a "no-no" subject. I am not good at social conventions....but I hear "I wasn't about to ask hi/her that!"

Perhaps, I should start another blog called "My husband's brain"?

8:45 PM  

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