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Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Value & Price

A couple of weeks ago, I met an artist whose work I really liked.
I purchased this paper doll and asked her to make me two more. I have nothing in particular in mind for them, but think it would be much fun to collect them.

Some of my earliest memories of me making dolls out of whatever paper I could find....and to paint them, and glue things onto them. I had several embellished with chicken feathers.
My mother thought I was a strange child!

I have been wanting to do articulated pet paper dolls, and perhaps I will teach a give me a deadline for doing my

Actually, I was going to write about Amanda Jones. She is not only very creative, but she is very clear about value and pricing of her work. I really, really wanted one of her theater like boxes, but gasped when I saw the price. Because my shrines and dream boxes sell rather slowly and I have them priced them inexpensively....I wondered what Amanda's secret was. So, I quietly asked her. She responded that if someone really wanted one, her price was based on the value to HER. She did not care whether she sold it.

She holds a job to earn money for her needs, but when it comes to art, she doesn't want anyone who doesn't fully appreciate it to have it.

I, myself, am wishy-washy about this. I feel that I want to keep my work "turning over" make room for the new. At the same time, though, I have to admit to feeling some resentment
about selling it for so little. I would feel better about giving it away to someone who loved it but truly could not afford to pay.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think this is a pretty common problem. I try to make small things that are affordable and then price my art as art-- so even people with tight budgets are able to afford something that I've made.

I don't think I could afford to purchase one of your dolls or shrines but I love your art work and would definitely a print or two of your work to hang as inspiration when I spin. So maybe photographs on post cards or a 11x14 inch print?

4:10 PM  

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