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Saturday, January 20, 2007

Thoughts on Communication

By definition, communication has not taken place unless the other person understood what you said. If you are interested in communication, I think you have to communicate at whatever level the other comprehends.

Because I happen to have very smart (no, really!) cats, and we spend a lot of time together,
I believe we understand each other perfectly....but, that, of course, doesn't mean we agree. I would be deluding myself if I thought that in this photo B'lu was asking how he could help with my journal pages. It's pretty obvious that he is pointing out to me that not only is my table a mess, but he is much cuter and
more important than anything else going on!

If images don't speak louder than words, I do think they speak more accurately than words.
That everyone is much more likely to "read" my artwork correctly than they are my words
continues to amaze me. I am thrilled that I am able to communicate by way of my art, but I long to be more accurate, transparent, and connected also by way of words.

Words "roll off" my typing fingers, and fly out of my mouth without forethought and with ease. If I think about either writing of speaking I scare myself to death. And so.....I write and speak from the inside out, as I do my art.


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I love your darling Kitty!

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