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Sunday, July 08, 2007

Working with Fabric

This is the mini quilt which took me "forever" to make....which I had finished just before all my computer problems began, but which I was unable to show you until now.

I could not find the picture because it was under "cats"! It's not that I am filing challenged....but rely too much on my memory. This picture just happened to be downloaded along with some of of my cats. Anyway, here it first.
It's titled "Wild Heart".

"Painting" with fabric is extremely challenging. It surprised me and frustrated me as it appears to be so simple to do!
It's not like I tried any tricky sewing of intricate patterns or anything. Now, I want to do another, but I suspect it's as much about getting to buy snippets of beautiful fabrics as
working with a different medium.


Blogger Unknown said...

beautiful fabric. Haven't seen this type of work before.

10:43 AM  

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