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Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Awakening the Inner Warrior

I have just returned from a very powerful four day workshop in the Bay Area, Bruce Lipton and Rob Williams together! I learned some incredibly exciting techniques by which the old software which runs our lives 95% of the time, can be replaced easily and quickly. I will write more about this, when I am able to compress 4 days of information into something succinct for you.

In the meantime, I will share the Daily Om with you. I think the naming of this particular archetype, the inner warrior, is a bit unfortunate, however. Perhaps, "natural " or "divine" child would have been more accurate.

There are certain personality archetypes that we all carry within us, such as the inner child, the lover, and the mother. Some of these archetypes present themselves strongly, while others lay fallow. For example, there is an inner warrior in each one of us, but in some of us this warrior is underdeveloped to the point that we are unable to stand up for ourselves, even when necessary. There can be many reasons for this. We may have grown up with a parent whose warrior aspect was overdeveloped, and we responded by repressing ours completely. On the other hand, we may have grown up with parents in whom this aspect was dormant, so we never learned to awaken it in ourselves.

A warrior is someone with the strength to stand up for what he or she believes; someone who perseveres in the face of challenges and obstacles; someone who speaks and acts in the service of an ideal; someone who protects those who are too weak to fight for themselves. Regardless of the reasons for an underdeveloped inner warrior, you may begin to notice the lack of its fiery, protective presence and wish to awaken it. You may need to stand up for yourself in a certain relationship or situation, or you may have a vision you want to realize, and you know you will need the courage, energy, and strength of a warrior to succeed. Similarly, if you find that you often feel scared, anxious, or powerless, rousing this sleeping ally may be just the antidote you need.

One excellent way to cultivate the presence of your inner warrior is to choose a role model who embodies the qualities of bravery, strength, and vitality. This person could be a character in a myth, movie, or book, or a historical or living person you admire. Simply close your eyes each day and contemplate the quality of energy that attracts you to this person, knowing that the same potential lives within you. Confirm for yourself that you are capable of handling this energy responsibly, and stoke the fire of your own inner courage.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Through this I have a connection to you. I enjoyed meeting you yesterday. You are at the top of my list of beautiful people.

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