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Thursday, November 29, 2007

Gail Edlund's Healing Dolls

This is Gail's fabulous "Nature Spirit"

Here is "Joy", with her gloriously vibrant front and back shown. Hand dyed batiks are so much fun to use, especially those which are dyed with many color shifts. The same is true for the space dyed velvet ribbon used for the doll's poncho.

Gail writes: I have finished Nature and Joy and loved creating both of them. In fact I felt a little disappointed when they were complete. Nature is a Christmas gift for my cousin - I followed the pattern because I really liked it. Her earrings are butterflies - my cousin loves them. The heart charm shows two hearts which is for our friendship. I've added beads - carnelian, amethyst, and turquoise to Nature's fiber wrap. My cousin works very hard and I hope these beads will help her. There are also charms - a goddess, love, hope and joy and a wishbone for luck.

Joy was so much fun and created for a niece in Sweden. The black western hat is for the one she had to take home from Canada and Joy loved it. Around her neck is the sun goddess Kachina which will give her energy to get through the long winter days. The beads are handmade and a gift from my very good friend so I feel they give love. Finally a large turquoise for strength and well being.


Blogger Gena Lumbroso said...

Well done, they are all incredible!

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