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Saturday, April 12, 2008

Breathing at Animal-House

More accurately put, it would be "wildlife"....or "wild life". Sometimes I think my cats are only teasing me, because it's been a very long time since they have actually demolished a doll playing with it. Yarn is another matter. When it comes to the latter, I worry more about them swallowing some that I worry about expensive yarn ruined by abundant cat saliva.

My front door step is now covered with bird poop. Fine. Except, I don't see any birds anymore....and while I am fretting over that, I should be concentrating on cleaning off my art table. You know how we have a certain level that our tolerance for disarray stretches, and then won't go any further? I am there! Somewhere....probably all on my everything I need, so I am suppressing my compulsion to buy more. Besides, I can't spend any money on this! Peru is only a few weeks away!!!

I am also very excited about the changes I see in my PSYCH-K clients! When I saw my doctor a week ago, she said "I want you to BREATHE! Every day!" That would be funny, except if I don't breathe deeply here, I'm not going to make it at over 12,000 ft elevation.

Can I learn to do this in the few weeks remaining? I am highly motivated. We will spend a night with an indigenous family on a tiny island in the middle of Lake Titicaca at 13,000ft. These people are known for dressing their guests in native costumes and dancing all night long. :-)


Blogger mrg & grm said...

can't see the birdies?? so sad! Maybe they'll throw you a welcome party when you return.
The other day I heard a bird and I looked and looked but couldn't find it. On the other hand, we have a neighborhood cardinal now that we can sometimes see from our window. He likes a tree across the street which is great!

1:38 PM  
Blogger Chaska Peacock said...

I cleaned their poop off the front steps, and that has remained clean. I guess the birds changed their minds. My feelings are mixed. I did not like the vast amounts of bird poop.....a big price to pay for the joy of being party to eventual birth.

8:23 AM  

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