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Saturday, January 02, 2010

Follow Your Bliss

This wonderful assemblage, entitled "Follow Your Bliss", is by Doreen Grozinger who was my travel buddy on both trips to Peru. 

Doreen comments on her piece:

"While my brother was visiting over the summer, I made this for him.  He finds his joy in nature, creates amazing ponds and gardens and finds solace in taking walks in the woods.
He is a natural with animals and we share the same awe when looking to the sky.
Even though he was on my mind while making this, I made it for everyone of us.
Look to where you find your passions, your bliss.
Go there and you will find your reasons for being."



Blogger Georgina said...


This is lovely and the attached statement is wonderful...what talent. I was in Austin and wish I had the opportunity to visit, but it just never happened. My holiday expectations were far too high and I wished the whole time I was back at home. I just regret taking my youngest son with me because he was the centre of so many tense moments. Oh well, live and learn. We will stay put for the holidays in the more leaving home on such special occasions. Hope you had a wonderful one and have all kinds of creative plans for the new year.


12:45 PM  

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