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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Spray Paint Fool

It doesn't seem possible, but it happened anyway!  A very fine purple film all over my car was discovered. Yes, the same purple as is on this box shrine.
I LOVE spray paint!  Yes, I can get a better color range in brush-on acrylics, but I can't get the finish I want.  Just as all my box shrines, this one...entitled "Play"...has many, many coats of spray paint, with sanding in between coats, to achieve the professional silky finish I seek. 

I spray within large cardboard boxes set up in my large garage.  To keep the dust out, I generally do not have the garage door open....though I know I should have more ventilation. (I am a slow learner.)

Luckily, no damage was done to my car as it has a very nice protective sealer and the purple film had not baked on (which it might have in the Texas summer heat). 

I have been advised by the Toyota Body Shop that spray paint particles migrate quite far and to never use any sprays in my garage without moving the car out first.  But, what about my hair?  What about my lungs?  Now that I have actually SEEN what happens, I must get a respirator. Or, I could use brushed on acrylics.  Or, cover the boxes in paper....or?  Sometimes, life is just so complicated.  Now I'm even wondering about breathing in sanding particles....



Blogger weezie said...

Very scarey! Wondered at first if you were steampunking your car ... special paint job and redesigning and repositioning of parts :)

12:02 PM  

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