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Sunday, April 10, 2005

Discovering joy

I love teaching! There are so many aspects which I love, but at the top of these is the joy of empowering others. It is not a simple thing, because it's necessary to discover...and honor...each person's negative beliefs about their own abilities while offering guidance and encouragement. I believe we are all born artists, and it gives brings me joy to watch the rediscovery of the artist within.

Presently, I am looking forward to the teaching several classes:
April 24......Cat or Wolf Spirit doll class at Stamper's Warehouse, Danville
May ?.........Doll Class for the San Jose Doll Club
May 26......Online Wrapped Spirit Doll
June 4........Every Soul is a Circus (Circus shrine), Stamper's Warehouse
July 23.......Altered Doll, Stamper's Warehouse
July 23.......Outside The Box (Assemblage doll), Stamper's Warehouse
August 24..Living Vicariously (Collage), Stamper's Warehouse
August ? ...House of Promise (Collage), Stamper's Warehouse


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