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Thursday, August 04, 2005

Inner Whiner

As the move to Austin gets closer, my "inner whiner" has me under its control. I wonder when I learned to whine so much? My daughters don't whine, and my friends don't whine. But, I do get like that when I am not doing art! There are so many details to moving....and I have always hated "good-byes".

Leaving what I know....what I have called not an easy thing. I AM planning to come back once a year to visit my daughter and grandson in the East Bay, as well as to teach a couple of classes at Stamper's Warehouse. My students have been making really wonderful pieces and I want to be part of their process. It is such a joy! I also want to figure out how to load photos onto this site so I can show off their work.

My first task in Austin is to get my studio set up....yes, I will try to post pictures...., and then I will have to do some art and search for teaching opportunities. THEN, I will be home, I think.


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