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Friday, March 10, 2006

Another Passion....Monkeys!

I am back from Costa Rica where I realized a longstanding dream of seeing monkeys in the wild. The endangered Titi is difficult to spot, not just because there are only 1500 left, but also because they are the smallest.
The large howler monkeys like to eat leaves and rest a lot, but the capuchins play! A whole band of them used the canvas roof of our boat as a trampoline. I tried to captured that, but everytime I popped up with my camera there were hands reaching for it!
Costa Rica is beautiful, but I enjoyed Mexico more because of the warmth of her people, its well preserved rich cultural heritage, and the wonderful artwork of the indigenous people. Though rich in animals of many kinds,
Costa Rica is lacking in a certain quality of openness, of joy and friendliness which I love.


Blogger Griselda said...

Hello my friend, I have been reading your blog...and this time I have to comment. I have been to Costa Rica 4 husband is planing a trip and we are between Tahiland or Costa Rica...I want to talk to you about this experience because he says it is "spoiled" by the turists now days...I want to take my son to the place I consider Paradise!

4:21 AM  

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