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Thursday, July 27, 2006

Just Do It!

Although I was absolutely set on going to San Miguel alone...since no one wanted to go with me,
I hesitated because of the horrendous cost of it. Whenever I hesitate, it's the end. I can always think of fifty million reasons why I should not do something, and then I freeze. I do art the same way....intuitively, moving quickly.....or it will go the way of incomplete projects: thrown into a large, deep drawer...never to be seen again.

While I was moping about all this, I said yes! to going to MO to play with an e-mail friend, as well as to teach in her store.....and I remember very well that I said I would not teach at a distance again, but I am excited! (Timing is everything!) A new adventure! I was careful to not think on this too long, having learned my lesson. My "just do it" approach, as foolhardy as it has seemed to some of my friends, has worked well for me. For me, thinking leads to confusion, self-criticism, and indecision. Moving boldly ahead energizes me and awakens my creativity.

Perhaps proceeding quickly and boldly is an antidote to fear.


Blogger jennifer black said...

What a great way of thinking! I'm the same way, but I really realized it until I read your post. I used to be quite decisive, but that's because I "just did it." Of course, some pretty bad consequences resulted here and there. So I became a thinker (to death). But was it really so bad the other way? I'll think about that. ;-)

Have a great time!

6:45 PM  

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