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Saturday, July 15, 2006


I have had to admit to myself that I am no longer about working hard at anything, really....and I
constantly have to remind myself that the sky isn't going to fall as a result!

Taking painting lessons did not last long. I love the quality of the saturated, so rich...but I did not catch on fire. Initially, I thought it was about it taking a lot of hard work before I could come anywhere near pleasing myself, but now I believe it is just too far removed from what I love.

Painting is outward directed in the sense that you learn to see in an outward direction and then you use paint to render what you see, or have seen, onto a canvas using only paint. Oh, put your own spin on it...but it is mostly a process which begins outside of oneself.

What I do is just the opposite. Just as free-style writing is an inward out process, so is the work I do. Just as folk or outsider artists cannot explain why they do what they do, neither can they. If I had words for what's inside, I would not be doing my form of art. And I use whatever materials are available to me because I can't express myself in just paint.


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