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Sunday, August 06, 2006

Making Something from Nothing

All of us, I think, struggle with questions of authenticity from time to time. Should we really be
calling ourselves "artists"? And, how about the word "professional"? If being honest with ourselves and others is of imperative importance to us, we can't just apply these words to ourselves lightly, can we?

Many years ago, a teacher whom I admired said "The mark of a professional is using whatever
materials are on hand to get the job done. No whining about what you are lacking. Whether you
are an artist or not, depends on how well you get the job done."

Because of a variety of reasons, I did not get started on creating the sample for my upcoming
Day of the Dead shrine class until way too close to the deadline, not my normal or the most
comfortable way of doing things. I guess I was waiting on divine inspiration, because I certainly
had no Day of the Dead items to inspire me.

I have a real "thing" for always delivering on my bailing out is never an option for me.
Armed with 4 lonely skull beads and a cigar box, I created a Day of the Dead shrine, and it is
one of my best work! It's a good piece of art, but it is also a great class sample because it is not
dependent on filling up a box with Mexican doodads.


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