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Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Thoughts About Seeing

Just as introverts and extroverts perceive and process information differently, I think this is also true among artists. I am not particularly observant in general...or at least not on a conscious level. Not noticing landmarks as I drive is a source of constant embarrassment.

Imagine this coupled with no sense of direction and a poor memory! When I moved to Austin last September, I did a lot of driving around in circles, and mentally high-fived myself when I actually got myself back home. Really, I just have very little expectation of finding my way!

And yet, I am now finding my way around! I do so only when I don't think about it, though.
If I just get in my car and go, I get where I am going....most often without any circling. I joke
about having a smart car which just knows her way around....Oh, her name is Queen Goldie, by the way. But, though I give Queen Goldie full credit, I suspect the information is stored deep
in my brain where all my images are stored. It is from that place that my art is created, as if by
magic, without involving my conscious brain.

This process is the opposite of artists who see and record the most wonderful images which are all around us. The above photo was taken by Rose Moon of Sedona, AZ inside a car wash. I am in awe of her ability to SEE.

I think just as introverts and extroverts can learn to adapt if necessary, artists can train themselves to capture images from inside or outside of themselves. What is misplaced, perhaps,
is the sense of envy we feel for someone whose work stems from "another place" than our own.


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