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Friday, September 08, 2006

Going With The Flow

And I swore I would never talk about "flow"!!!

For a long time I viewed people who used "go with the flow" in their conversation with some suspicion. I thought their attitude was an excuse for not knowing where they were going, or an excuse for not accomplishing goals. Whether it showed to others or not, I was always very goal directed: flow....shmow.

It could be that I was right about some people, but though I would not use those terms in general conversation, there is truth in it. There is a natural flow to life, and fighting that "flow"
only results in frustration. Periods of many hours spent in the studio are followed by periods of doing nothing in particular. I also go through periods of selling none of my work followed by a
flurry of sales. Even the classes I teach go through periods of being very popular and periods of little interest.

I find it hard to not go up and down emotionally during what I now believe to be the natural order of life.....but, I am learning! Right now seems to be a period of selling, and I know it's time
for me to go ahead and list some of the work I have been hanging on to. It's a little like selling my children!


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