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Monday, September 04, 2006

In Love with Silk

My love for silk goes way back to the days I was a clothing designer with my own boutique. I loved silk's smell, it's feel, how well it dyed, and its "hand". Now my life-style is very informal,
spending most of my time alone in my studio, but among my huge stash of mixed media art supplies, I am hoarding bits and pieces of all its stages! The last doll I created...which I
will list in my etsy shop soon...wrapped herself entirely in silks. I was rather astonished, as I
don't like to let go of my silk! Yes, I guess that makes me a true hoarder.

I enjoyed reading Wendy's blog at She works with the fact, is
surrounded by it! I wish she had more photos of her silks, as well as more personal stories.
Hmmm....perhaps, I should, too......


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