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Monday, October 23, 2006

EBay & Sandcastles

How are the two related, you might ask. Oh, let me count the ways....or not. In this case both
relate to art, and both are just a little off beat.

After a little more than a year's absence, I am trying out eBay once again. By now I have lost the small following I had built up, and it may be slow going. I just have not had the energy to any selling before this, and I also have not had enough created to be willing to let go of it. Here is the link to my eBay page:
Your comments are appreciated, and so are...of course....sales. If you know someone who may like my type of art, please share the link.

So many times we look at artists trying to make a living from their art, and we wonder what on
earth were they smoking? Can you imagine what people would say to someone who announces that he is going to build sandcastles for a career? Someone did, and is successful! It takes hard work and perseverance.....and, of course, a belief system which allows success.


Blogger Griselda said...

Selling art work in eBay takes a lot of faith...for one people bid on an impulse, and the other situation out there, they have to be searching for something simmilar to yours in order to find you. eBay has been a huge blessing for me, so I am not giving up...I have settled for selling my dolls for the first or two bids, which is the bottom price. From time to time someone comes to the store and buys one or two without even asking what price, I love it when that happens. I send a "heads up" to everyone who has purchased a doll at least once a month. It seems to me, having a story behind each doll makes people relate and they fall in love with the theme. Your little mearmaid is sooo beautiful. I think she is going to have a lot of bids. All my best to you. Gris

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