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Thursday, October 12, 2006

More mounted rubber stamps

I am finally back online! I am not real sure what happened, but somehow I got a
Google tool bar on my home page which Internet Explorer did not like, shutting me down each time I attempted access.
When that was finally taken care of, I could not access my blogs because I had
been over-zealous in disabling scripting which is a necessety. Both errors are not
totally mysterious. I suspect my inattentiveness, i.e. lack of concentration.

I am glad to have that over with....and I hope the lesson stays with me. The two stamps are used only once. Lavendar and Lace by Stampington, $7 and Elegant Stems by Stampington, $8.

There are more stamps on previous blog entries. If you spend $16 or more before postage, I will deduct an additional 10%.


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