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Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Black & White

This is my snow angel friend, Sue, in Missouri. It is one of my most favorite photos because it captures her joy at the snow. Also, I find it interesting that the monochromatic image shows joy which I generally associate with an abundance of bright colors.

Being a self-taught artist brings many surprises.
I love clear, saturated color....color which envelopes me in its richness and purity of pigment! I am in good company....along with Pissarro, I have no use for black. It is so "heavy" and, well, uninteresting.
I also have no use for stark white.....It is so harsh, and boring. (I do make an exception in photography, because studying the zone system made me a true believer.)

As is usually the case, strong likes and opinions stand only until tested, and I will check on how I feel after I try Robert Genn's way. He believes a painting comes to life only when mixing black....and white....into ones colors.


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