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Monday, December 18, 2006

No Fear

I mentioned that I was working on my house again. What I didn't say was that the new interest in finishing what I had started a year ago was due to my having met....quite accidentally.....a person whose business is all about helping with achieving one's vision, using the furnishings one already has.

One of the things which continued to bother me in spite of what else I did, was my stark white traditional fireplace surraound and mantle. The gas burning insert was black metal. I wanted something less formal, but not as rough as you would see in a Mexican home. I had some ideas, but lacked courage and know-how.

A good fairy, in the form of Sharon, came into my life....bringing
with her not only courage and know-how, but positive, creative and peaceful energy. The little ledge is built from small tile, which also cover the black metal of the insert. The sides of the
wood surround were torn off, and replaced by stucco, which then was painted adobe which here looks a bit brighter than it really is. I kept the wood mantle but painted in two shades of warm gray. The bottom piece is finished to look like a very old piece of barn wood.

The white venetian blinds were replaced by wood....and now the room is "so me", and
also warm and serene.

My guess is that everyone...whether consciously aware or strongly affected by surroundings in which much time is spent. Why not look at your home as your work of art?
What about color! ? If you aren't completely happy with the colors you have chosen....don't forget about collage. Add torn pieces of fabric and paper. Keep adding layers. Maybe do over just one room? See all that can happen when you suspend fear.

It's taken me a long time to get to this point, and I wish I would have taken this journey much sooner.


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