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Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Balancing Work & Play

I define "play" as anything which I enjoy doing, but do not need to do. Art done for my own pleasure, without an end-goal is play for me. When Austin was hit by really bad weather and everything closed down for 5 days....yes, schools and businesses closed, because we don't think that either is THAT important! I followed by giving myself permission to do only those things which I wanted to do. I did lots and lots of art! Napping was delicious, but I didn't even do much of that because I was having way too much fun in my studio. I was aware of badly I needed to not have a purpose, an end goal, for a change! Is there anyone out there who has achieved a nice balance?

This is another page from my journal I did during the ice storm which I used as play time.
I just cannot resist adding 3dimensional objects!
Now, I need to get back to cleaning out and organizing my studio, as well as making a bit of
money. It is my plan to list something on my SHOP page every day. I will give my blog readers first chance before I list these items anywhere else. Feed a starving artist; buy my stuff. You will be glad, as I only have GOOD STUFF!


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