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Tuesday, January 16, 2007


Today is the fourth day that I have not left my house. On two of these days, I did have some company, though, so the least initially....could not have been as bad as I thought.

Today, however, I cannot even see out my windows as they are covered with ice, and there are not that many things in life which are important enough to test my...and other peoples'....driving ability on ice. Ice is so unusual
here, and Texans so laid-back, that everything gets canceled. Even UT is shut down.
Much to my amazement and delight, I am enjoying this time! I am once again doing art as it
"spills out" from my deeper being. Art brings me peace.
"Sacred space and sacred time and something joyous to do is all we need. Almost anything then becomes a continuous and increasing joy. What you have to do, you do with play. I think a good way to conceive of sacred space is as a playground. If what you're doing seems like play, you are in it. But you can't play with my toys, you have to have your own. Your life should have yielded some. Older people play with life experiences and realizations or with thoughts they like to entertain. In my case, I have books I like to read that don't lead anywhere."
Joseph Campbell

photo by Sandy Staley

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