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Saturday, January 27, 2007

Timing and Creativity

As an artist, I expect myself to do some art...however insignificant...every day. And, there is that balance challenge again!

Some days, I feel as though I am ready to dive into my art, but my head is as if encased in a plastic bubble. I stand at my table, and pick up this and that (taking my own advice about just starting!), but the "click" experience does not come, and I grow increasingly more grumpy.

For me, the answer is balance. I can't do any one thing all the time and
continue doing it with fresh, enthusiastic spirit. It is such a simple concept, but so easy to forget. Doing other things, whether that be
uninteresting prep work like sanding, fun prep work of acquiring supplies and materials, or something completely unrelated, does not mean that the creative muse has
forsaken me. We are simply taking a break from each other until the time comes when our passion is renewed.

We all have our own natural rhythms, which, no doubt, vary from time to time. I think we can enjoy life more, and produce better work, if we are able to discover, and honor, the natural ebb and flow of life, including our creativity. Yesterday was a marvelous art day! I will probably need a time lapse, before the next time I get back into the flow. Not thinking negatively....just
preparing myself to be realistic.

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