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Thursday, January 11, 2007

Woman in Full Bloom

I just couldn't leave it alone. Here is my second version of
"Woman in Full Bloom".

There are so many things I need to be doing, but I'm taking
a mini vacation, which, to me, means doing only things which I like doing!


Blogger Kimberly Rose said...

I love the idea of doing only the things I want to do....I try to do that all the time...but owning dogs and cats means I sometimes haev to do things I wou;dnt' otherwise choose, ie, clean-up duties...but, the trade off of affection is worth it!

I think i'm now a woman in full bloom, at least in terms of my that middle age where weight keeps piling on ...part of me ienjoys a bit of substance...but I do miss being a "babe"..

your kitty reminds me of my lilac siamese...Eliza Doolittle...she is always at my side, whether invited or welcome or no! I lopve her confidence...

Love the colors in your work...

Kim Jennings

6:03 PM  

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