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Saturday, February 10, 2007

Happy Trails

Every once in a while the well runs dry, so to speak. Sometimes that means it's time to take a break, and sometimes it means it's time to go shopping. No longer can I find satisfaction in common stamp stores, in spite of their extremely enticing new do-dads, and supplies. This is what MY happy trails look like now:

Yesterday, Trisha, a painter, and I set out early in the morning....yeah, at check out the junk stores in a nearby town. It was a gloomy, cold day, and the first several shops weren't open. We went into the only one open at the an old dilapidated building with no heat.
There was junk in the front and appliances in the back. Everything had several inches of dust
on top. In spite of having languished on the shelves long enough to perhaps now actually being
close to antique, the prices were laughable.

We drove around until we found an open store, and got completely side-tracked trying on clothes which were very much in current style, and surprisingly upscale for such a desolate, poor looking town.
We got a good work-out trying things on, settled on an item or two each, and looked for a place to eat. All my friends like to eat as much as I do! :-) Then we hit the jackpot! TWO good junk stores in a row, and the owners, on learning I did not collect antiques, lowered the prices of my
selections to a reasonable price. Lunch, and a couple more stores later, I arrived home a happy

My treasures? An old baking tin, 20 black marbles, old drawer hardware, some rusty plumbing parts, a very nice collection of vintage jewelry pieces, 1 small unrecognizable ceramic
round something, 2 crystal chandelier drops, and a very small, funky white ceramic doll.
Yes, we mixed media artists need those stock-up excursions!


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