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Tuesday, February 27, 2007

My Birthday Party

Yes, that's me, showing my cupcakes!

Susan, fiber artist....but with talent in much more than that!
Holding Baby B'lu who loved all the attention he got, is my daughter, Lisa.
Gretchen, painter and photographer

On the left, Amanda, mixed media, and Marinda, fiber artist and T.V. personality.
On the right are Judy, mixed media, and BJ, writer and fiber artist.

Below on the right is my friend Trisha, a fabulous painter. I'll bet you
can tell that she and I can get into a whole lot of trouble together......:-)

Notice how the photos are all a bit fuzzy? I have concluded that the
guests actually were a bit fuzzy.....or, perhaps it was the cameras which
were having the wine.


Blogger Griselda said...

Wow Mai-Liis, that is a beautiful collection of royal and your friends look like goddesses! It made me think of that movie the Ya Ya sisterhood.

10:40 AM  

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