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Thursday, March 08, 2007

Another Corner of my World

On the left is another shadow box which I use as a bulletin board. Somehow, it makes the wall a bit neater than sticking a bunch of disparate items on the wall itself.

This is what my work table looks like when I am
in the midst of making dolls. And, yes, there's usually a cat on the table. This is Rudy who never misses a photo op! I have to admit that I prefer his company when I'm working to that
of Kitty B'lu. I must admit that it's easier to work when all three cats are napping! It's my own fault that I prefer the more active breeds!

I clean off my table in between projects, though I hate taking the time.

Right now, the weather here in the Austin area is glorious, and I am seizing this opportunity to do some yard work. I love being outside, but love working in my studio even more. I am determined to get my life into balance, though. (Photographing my work and folding my laundry comes close to last!)


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