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Thursday, March 01, 2007

Big Changes

One of the things I have learned in the last 6 months is that changes do not not occur in isolation. Change begins at my very core. For me, discovery and healing has been brought about by my continuous expression in art and writing, and the gentle guidance of friends as well as a few professionals.

As I mentioned, I have now surrounded myself with positive energy (a BIG step for me!), and to
keep myself accountable, I formed a Yahoo group based on The Secret. This wonderful story comes from one of the people in the group. I have her permission to pass this story on:

A wise man walked into a room finding a small child crying. "why are youcrying?", he asked the child. The child pointed out the window, "my dog has justdied". The man took the child to another window. "What do you see?" The child replied that he saw the sun shining, flowers blooming, other children playing and laughing. "You see, you were just looking out the wrong window", said the man.

Try a different window. Take a new point of view. Change yourperception. When something is not working, maybe it's time to see it in a new light.

Looking through a different window applies to life in general, and my artwork, specifically.


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