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Monday, March 05, 2007

Displaying Artwork

This is my new shadowbox hanging in the living room. I think it's kind of heavy looking, but I seem to be the only one.....not that this matters. It is, after all, my house. When this reaches the
top of my to do list, I think I will paint if a neutral not too dark taupe. I will also like it better, I think, once I have only my own work in it. It would be a perfect way to display art dolls.
Display is not a real simple thing when you have
3 active, playful cats!

Right now I am concentrating on producing work, as I am feeling real joy doing art....not for sale, but for my own pleasure. What a delicious
luxury! My impetus is that I am going to be interviewed next week, and I want to have plenty of new work to show.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh, the display is beautiful, as is the entire room! I am inspired by this room, I am going to show this to my husband. It is a style similar to what I would like and I hope that he will like it also, perhaps in our future we will have a room as inspiring as your is.


6:38 PM  

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