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Wednesday, March 21, 2007

So Much to Tell you!

Yesterday a small metal and fiber swap which I headed was
finally completed. I sent my panels off, forgetting to photograph
them! Let me just state, that these, by Doreen Groezinger,
put mine to shame. When the other participants send
me their photos, I will be showing you some of
their work, too. All work was done on canvas panels
and the main "ingredient" was metal, which Doreen
manipulated in just about every fashion conceivable.
I love how she interpreted the theme "Magical Talismans"!
Right before I "sequestered" myself to complete work
on my own panels, Karen of "Indie Arts" was here. I
was thrilled to be one of the artists she chose to include
on her whirlwind trip to Texas and shown in one of the
future issues of Indie Arts, the DVD magazine.
It comes out quarterly, and if you have not subscribed,
please know that this DVD format is great! You can
watch it on your TV, or on your computer.
Lastly, I want to give you updated information about
what's heavily on my mind, the pet food recall. My cats
have eaten some of the foods listed. Although, they have
some of the symptoms, their blood work is o.k. It's one of
those "there by the grace of God, go I" things. Human food
supplies are not 100% safe, either. Because pets are such innocents, totally depending on us
for their well-being, I get more upset about threats to them.


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