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Sunday, March 11, 2007

Treasure Hunt

Texas is a huge state, and becoming familiar with just my tiny corner is going to take some time.
To artist friends and I spent a good part of a day exploring Bartlett which is really not much more than than one street lined with very old West looking buildings...many of them sometimes-open antique/junk stores. In fact, many movies have been filmed here, and I rather
liked the place. As is usual in Texas, people were very friendly....and remained so even with
our antics. We played like children looking for toys in all the layers of dust.

I came home with one large ornate Mexican silver star, several rusted hearts on rusted wire (see my Shop), a tiny ancient copy of The Rubaiyat, 2 pieces of rusted barbed wire, and several
very old metal, as well as wooden boxes. It was a great day! My interest in making assemblage
art has made me look at what I formerly would have thought of as junk through brand new eyes. I almost brought home a hubcap!


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