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Monday, April 16, 2007

Dear to my heart...........

Peru is only two weeks away, and I keep thinking that there are things that I could do now, rather than waiting till the last week, but, instead....I just keep doing art!

I want to take advantage of this magical time when it's spilling out of me.
The shrine on the left is called "Our thoughts; Our world".....
without a doubt given birth by the my study of the Law of
Attraction and the thoughts shared in my Yahoo group.

The assemblage on the right is titled "Time to Laugh". The
back has a clock of sorts, but instead of numerals, there are
words like "happy", "crazy", and so on.

Just as dear to my heart as
art, are cats (I have no dogs at
the present.), and I have been
following all the food recalls very
closely. We have given responsibility for our pets' diets to the pet food manufacturers, assuming that it must be good food that they sell, and most certainly so if it is expensive food carried by specialty stores.
Not only has tainted food been discovered, but those of us who
have the time to look into the issue of ingredients have discovered
that the expensive "natural" foods contain human "health foods"
which carnivores cannot digest, but also ingredients which are
poisonous to our cats. The most common are garlic, avacado, onion,
and salt. The pet food companies are saying that in small amounts
it does no harm. Maybe, and maybe not...but why put them in
the food to begin with?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I've read your words every night,
both here and at your group. I
have enjoyed you every time. Please
keep with your talking. The words
are slowly coming back to me...

Be all that you will be in Peru ~
it is a beautiful country. Maybe you will send me a post card?

Sharon Fielding
2195 Warwick Avenue, Apt 1
Warwick, RI 02889

5:23 PM  

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