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Wednesday, April 18, 2007

A New Venture! Vision Cards

This is a set of 7 cards plus the cover card you see here on the left. I chose my photograph of the window in remembrance of an uplifting story told by a friend. I have forgotten it, but know it was about looking through a different window if you did not like the view from the present one.

This is right in keeping with the Law of Attraction and The Secret.

Another way to phrase the concept of looking
through a different window is to change one's
thoughts. As you think, you will create your life.

Yes, everyone can do affirmations, but how many of us go blank? This set is carefully designed to make you aware of your thoughts.

Each card is embellished by a copy of original
art by successful artists. Every card would look nice framed.
For a very short time, I will sell these sets for
$12, US postage included. Just PayPal me at


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