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Saturday, June 09, 2007

Check Out Those Underpants!

This is Dye Diva Judy, who successfully dyed all her underpants in gorgeous colors.

Procion dye mixing requires masks. Yet, these ladies are smiling because of their new "Patio Dresses", which they dyed at the very end. How nifty is that? In other parts of the world they may be called dusters, but I say
"let me at them!. What perfect artist smocks!"

Diva daughter of on the right, did not get her own artist smock. She did, however, dye up some gorgeous wools for spinning into her fabulous yarns.

This is a very messy, labor intensive process......especially so in a very hot Austin backyard.In spite of wearing rubber gloves, our hands also got did our arms, legs, and feet.Since we are all artists, I thought "how appropriate". I just wish my hands were not red andblue....pretty scary looking. Little do people know what we do in the name of art!


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