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Friday, June 01, 2007

How Does Travel Affect One's Work?

In two weeks I leave for an art retreat
in MO which my friends Dorothy and Sue
are organizing. I have been promised lots
of play and all the gin & tonics I want, sooo
I am there! All of us are bringing something
for show and tell, and I am bringing my
art journal which Sue and I sent back and
forth. Our chosen theme was "Inspiration,
Fear, & Desire"....and though we began by
interpreting this rather clearly, both of us
became looser as we went along. I needed
a few pages to complete mine, and these are
the pages I did after my return from Peru.
The last two are printed on fabric, the cactus
is overpainted, and the "framing" is paper
toweling. I am much too close to it, and not
enough time (and work) has gone by for me to
know how much Peru has influenced my work. I know that going to Mexico did! Peru, by contrast, is a bit less colorful and less developed. It also has much less of a general Colonial or
a Catholic influence. I felt like I had gone much further back in time when visiting Peru.


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