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Friday, August 31, 2007

Engineered Buddha Shrine

Of all the shrines and dream boxes I have done, this one was in the works the longest. The design went together fact, I would say the piece "told
me what it wanted. The difficulty was due to the curved bottom of the antique box. No matter what I tried, I could not make it stand. In desperation, I took it to a friend's husband who is a structural engineer..... and he patiently explained to me that a curved object could not be glued
to a straight one. The answer was a "cradle". The shrine languished for weeks and weeks while I contemplated buying tools. But, I am definitely not a tool woman, and as much as I admire all
tools, that's all I ever manage to do....admire.

Finally, the handyman who came to do a couple of difficult chores for me, was kind enough to fashion a "cradle" from my piece of wood, even proving to me that white wood glue
holds better than my most favorite glue in the world: Quick
Grip by Beacon.

Hoping that Buddha is loving all this trouble I'm going to,
and giving me plenty of good Karma, I finally put the last
coat of paint on it and called it finished.

Whereas my last Buddha shrine sold quickly, this one left
with the first person who saw day after I completed it. I have learned there's a way to do everything, but not by me. I think I want to stay away from round bottomed boxes, or tools beyond a hacksaw... with which I am quite good!


Blogger Jacqui said...

That is a beautiful shrine and no wonder it went out the door the next day.

Did you ever look in Hobbylobby or Michael's at their papier mache stuff, they might have had something like you wanted.

Answer to your previous post. The artist is some guy called Mark Jenkins and the work was in Washington DC and Baltimore. To see more of his work, here his Antony Gromley's website

5:56 PM  

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