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Saturday, August 25, 2007

Farewell Party for Vickie Enkoff

This is from Melanie Sage, Vickie's daughter, who seems to be just as straightforward, thoughtful, strong, and communicative as her mother was.

day, August 24, 2007

Vickie's altar

Thank you for the sweet cards and beautiful art that you've been sending. We added a shelf above the fireplace yesterday and have decorated with bright and beautiful colors that are coming in the mail. We love the tissue paper banner that Chris Peacock sent, mom would love all of this.
We have received cards and art from Ruth in AZ, Melody in CA, Marva in CO, Chris in CA, Sheri in CO, Mai-Liis in TX, Linda in NM, Rita in MI, Coleen in CA, Stephanie in CA, Kristy in CA, Larry and Terri in IL, Pam in WA, Cynthia in UT, Katie in NY, Barbara in CA, Chris in NC. Also from family and friends Geneva in CA and Robert and Joyce in KS. The Artists of the Round Table, one of mom's online groups, sent a lovely Ficus that arrived today. Many thanks to all of you.


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