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Mixed Media Art by Chaska Peacock

Wednesday, August 15, 2007


I love almost all art done by indigenous people of the world, and so when I stumbled across these
aboriginal dreamtime cards at, I bought them immediately......No, not to use as intended, but just to look at.

Inspiration is everywhere! I think it's important for artists to surround themselves with
imagery which excites them, inspires them, and nourishes their soul. I have always lived this way, although in the beginning I may have only afforded one wall of beautiful color, or a dish which made my heart sing. Over the years, my cherished inspirational pieces have grown in
number, and much of it is easily seen hanging on my walls. I am so happy in my home!

There's one more thing about this. To borrow a statement I heard another artist say, "Artists
don't let other artists starve." Yes, I do believe it's important to support other artists. When you see something which you love, BUY it. You'll make at least two people happy...yourself and
the other artist.


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