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Saturday, November 24, 2007

Another Fabulous Doll Joins the Others

I am grateful to Marcie for allowing me to share her doll as well as her words.

Marcie writes:
This was a brand new experience for me and I have to say that even making dolls for someone else has been healing in itself. This has been a very rough year for my family and I am making dolls for each person according to their needs. I have the first one finished and I got to know her very well. I started out with muted tones and a great deal of simplicity but she was having none of it. We talked a bit and she told me she that her purpose was bigger than I had intended for her and that she was more of a "UNIVERSAL MOTHER" and not so much of a singular entity. I followed her advice and guidance and added metallics paints, celestial charms and shimmering threads. She let me know that she was very pleased with my efforts and mentioned that I might want to move on to the other dolls as family members were in great need.
I have enjoyed this class tremendously and would like to thank you for your sharing spirit and the opportunity to work with you.


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