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Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Another Healing Doll !

Romona King created this awesome "Nature Spirit".

Romona writes: I tried to do a different thing with her, but each time, I came back to what she ended up with. I think she knew better than I, what was expected. I think she's a result of the book I just started reading last night. It's one that Mai-Liis suggested, Masters of the Living Energy, about the healing powers of the people in the Andes of Peru. Have just barely started it, but once I get used to all the names and places, it'll be easier to read....

So back to the doll. The fabric is a batik which has fern leaves with green, plum and golden tones throughout. Her arms and walking stick are bannana twigs. I wish I had an explanation for those, but they came from a rubber stamp store ages ago and I suppose this is what they were meant to be used for. I have used the hand charms with the spirals in the palms and have them outstretched with the pouch of stones resting on the hands, as though offering them to the intended person. The colours of her robe and headress just simply came together, I tried to do other things but it kept coming back to these colours. There are birds on the headress, one made me think of a bluebird of happiness, the other is a turquoise bird with a malachite bead in the center.

There are a couple of leaf charms attached to a velvet leaf and I've used some gold leafing just here and there. On the tie around her waist is her walking stick and on the ties I have added more charms. One is a rabbit in keeping with the nature theme as with the birds on her headress and the leaf charms, a goddess charm to remind my friend of the goddess she is, and a little girl charm so she never loses sight of her inner child. The stones in the pouch are directed toward helping her with her financial well being Citrine and another malachite bead, along with the gold leafing on the headress. There is an amethyst for balance, and a tigers eye for confidence.

It is a most wonderful class with positive, enthusiastic, and incredibly talented students!


Blogger Doe Grozs Art said...

Both these dolls are wonderful. Mesmerizing. Love the story of their process..

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