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Saturday, November 24, 2007

Doll Parade!

They pose, they fly, they float....but, more than that they are powered by the creator's intention and by the healing stones and crystals included. Judith's "Earth Spirit", like all the healing dolls I am showing you, carry the love of the artist.

Here is Judith's story:

This is the very first art doll I've done. I'm a newly retired psychologist and had almost nothing to work with so it took me a long time to gather materials. Thanks to friends ( and Joggles), I've found wonderful materials and inspirations. So, for each step of the way, I've taken more time to acquaint myself with the materials, find sources, and meditate on how to use the materials with integrity--I wanted each item to have meaning. I really had a hard time with the concept of the stones and crystals, but ordered the book, The Illustrated Directory of Healing Crystals and am glad I did. I also began researching the idea of living with intention and found Wayne Dyer's book, The Power of Intention to be especially useful for writing my intentions.

Making this doll has been a growth experience for me--one in which I had to confront old messages about not being talented and one in which the process was almost entirely non-verbal (hard for someone whose career was based on verbal communication.) This has process has been a spiritual journey for me and as Pamela Hastings says, a transformative process.

So now I have one doll done. I used a batik fabric from Joggles, parts of a Stef Francis silk experimental pack, and some natural items from my back yard. Her arms are small branches partially covered with silk rods, her hair is a puff of a wool, alpaca, silk, and mohair blend. Her face was made by an artist near me in Oregon, Cheri Aldrich, and Nature's feathers come from a dear friend, Betsy Roberts who hand dyes them herself (her website should be up in a couple of weeks.) I wanted to make a shawl or robe for Nature, but she would have none of that--said a robe would make it hard to have her wings extended.

I made this for a friend who will be undergoing surgery and will need a bone graft. I included a coyote toe bone to represent the bone graft. I used a small gourd to hold healing stones and a small goddess. The gourd bowl is lined with fur to cushion the stones. Once I had gathered all the materials, I just couldn't get started. Next, I found that my sewing machine needed to go into the shop for repair; it wouldn't sew a stitch. I felt deep frustration. Then I accidentally ran into my friend, who I thought was getting ready for her surgery, and she told me the surgery date had been postponed. Once she told me the new date, the doll came together easily and was done in time. Amazing! The recipient loved the doll and said she could feel the power in it, so I'm pretty psyched about the whole process. A healing doll for her and a healing journey for me.


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