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Friday, November 02, 2007

The Houston Quilt Show

Even though I am not a quilter, I love beautiful fabrics and I live only 3 hours from Houston. I got up way before dawn...not an easy thing for me to do....and was there at opening with bus loads of quilters of all ages. It was my very first large quilt show, and I was amazed at their passion! There were people there from the UK, Australia, and everywhere in between.....physical condition no impediment, as I saw people with canes, with casts, and quite a few in wheel chairs.

The aisles of the quilt displays weren't too terribly crowed, but the aisles of the vendors' booths
were jam packed, in spite of the incredible size of the show. It was a shopping frenzy! I quickly decided that this was not a good time to add to my collection of batiks, and set out to "just look".
Hah! Of course, I couldn't do that! I bought fabric, embellishments, metal working tools, and even a doll.....only the second time I have purchased a doll for myself. This one I could not resist because she is symbolizes a healer, dressed as a traditional Zulu Sangoma. Yes, as if I need to start collecting something else! Dolls are addicting!

As far as buying interesting embellishments goes, I was disappointed in what I thought were exceptionally inflated prices. Prices of antique buttons were easily doubled from what I can buy them for in antique stores, and so it went with all the beautiful trims, and beads, as well. I did
splurge on what I absolutely could not resist, though. Money is relative. If you really, really want it, don't think you could find it again, buy it! It was a lot of fun, but don't know that I will do it next year.......


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