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Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Robin Krieger's Healing Dolls

Sadly, my Healing Art Doll class through has come to an end, though I will continue posting photos as I receive them from my students.
These last five weeks have been fun, as well as exciting as each went through a transformative process...unplanned. We stretched our minds and hearts beyond our normal mind sets, tuning into our inner wisdom.
I am grateful to have been on this 5 week journey, and especially delighted with the number of students who had never made a doll, nor taken an online class before.

Crystal Joy the Queen of Creativity
In Robin's own words:
This is my Joy doll . She is done in the spirit of creativity again staying with all the elements I kept the color meaning as true as I could . She also has a stone inside of her from my land as I am so very inspired when I am there by all the beauty that is around me . She also will guide me on my never ending journey to find my inner artist . I gave her wild and unruly hair because I believe you need that unruliness to be an artist yet her cape keeps her centered and her fibers keep her grounded .And again flowers for the nature part of me and I always put a butterfly somewheres on my dolls . She wears her as part of her neck jewelry.

Robin shares her process:

Rose Jade

I found her whole process fun to do . I wanted to put all of the elements in to play including the color of the fabrics. Rose Jade is a healing doll , she is for inner peace of mind, body and soul . I wanted her to have been touched by nature so I added the sticks which came from a beach I love to walk on and inside her I place with my statement a stone from our land in central VA which is a place of peacefulness for me . I added a lot of wispy fibers to give the effect of feathers and moss. I haven't gotten my stones ready yet but will after the first of the year .


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