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Monday, November 12, 2007

Sarah Mack's Healing Doll

I had told my students taking the online Healing Dolls class that their dolls would tell them what they wanted, and that if they listened, their dolls would be wonderful. Here is the first finished doll, "Nature Spirit" by Sarah Mack. Sarah

She certainly did dictate where she was going, and how she intended for me to be her vehicle--I would be the one to allow her travels. I still can’t believe the twists and turns this doll has taken over the last two days. She is not made from the fabric I first cut (it was pink); neither is she wearing the cab I bought for her. Instead, I sculpted her face from paper clay—she now looks surprisingly like the person she will soon reside with. The colors I used are not my ‘usual’ choice of color. I couldn’t believe it when I went outside this morning to recover her stones, and realized that I would have to start from scratch. Consequently, she is in the colors of the environment her stones rested in last evening, as well as the colors of nature the stones and fabric rested upon--Her stones were placed upon a piece of Chinese silk (the silk is in shades of beige and a greenish-cream.)

I was a bit frustrated at first, starting over, and worse; absolutely nothing was what I had planned or purchased for her. She is now wearing scraps of fabrics from her intended’s belongings—all having been worn for/at sweet, loving, and happy moments in her life. Her stones are hanging from the cords of her garment--suggestive of a Ronin. I sewed one stone on her; the remaining is hanging from the branch she carries. The branch is actually Sassafras root—it stays supple forever.

The nest she carries is lined with fur from a wild rabbit that became tame to us last spring—and inside her nest is a piece of turquoise carved in the shape of a turtle. From her branch hangs moonstone and topaz, and from the ties about her waist hangs: tigers eye, malachite, rose quartz, bloodstone, crystal, and a tiny golden nugget. The branch in her headpiece is adorned with 18 kt. gold wire and peridot. Her charms are hearts, celestial--stars and moons. She is also wearing feathers (I gather them while hiking in the Smokies) under her hood, and I also tucked two under the acorn-cap used to adorn the back of her hood. She may be short and stout to some, but she was insistent upon having long legs (I fought that all the way, but now that it is done; she was right she has a long road to travel.)

She is fabulous, isn't she?!


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