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Saturday, January 12, 2008

First Shrine of the New Year

I bought this broken little cabinet years ago (and, I am not even a pack-rat!) well before I started making shrines and dream boxes. It is one of the few "I don't know why I bought that" items which made it from California all the way to Texas when I moved. After all, long-distance movers charge by the pound!

I have continued selling and donating my good, but extraneous "stuff
while...of course...buying different "stuff", but which is more current with what I am doing right in this month. It's not a particularly good plan, but I can't keep it all organized.

After years of waiting for me, this little cabinet was finally brought to life. Now, I wonder what took me so long! :-) The front reads, "Make a wish. Your dreams are waiting." My dream is Peace.


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