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Saturday, January 19, 2008

Assemblage Class, Anyone?

Does this intrigue you? The idea that there are probably people out there who would love to know something of the concepts of assemblage, and learn to make a piece, prompted me to show you my "Love Medicine"
box before I completed it. Assemblage is such fun!

Assemblage is more than placing unrelated object together. For me, it's
more of an "inner" process, dream-like, and....incredibly exciting. Oh,
and so is the "finding" and shopping!:-) I'm not very good about picking up things off the street, but have used flattened rusty bottle caps, my most treasured finds.

I would love, love, to teach a class in Transformative Assemblage! It would be an online class and require
communication (in words and photos) between me and students. There would be several weeks alotted to gathering of materials with directions given about how to go about that. As soon as I receive a minimum of 6
raring-to-go commitments, I will put the class together. Please contact me at


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