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Thursday, January 10, 2008

Vision Board

There are many different ways one may choose to do a vision board, and there is no such thing as "right" or "wrong". I think the original idea was to to find working from our bring out the desires of our deepest most soul. I use writing for this purpose, usually, but inspired by a group in which most people are making a form of a vision board, coupled with the strong need to rip paper (I don't use scissors when I work in paper), I gave myself permission to destroy 3 magazines, and tore out all images that I liked. Ah, bliss! It had been entirely too long since I had worked with paper!

Using gel medium....and, working without a plan....I began layering torn pieces on a canvas panel. Three wonderful hours later, I was done. This collage is much simpler than last years, while also being darker and less colorful. Childlike wonder and dreams, don't forsake me now! Perhaps, the adult part of me created this? I like the fact that I show myself offering up my rather large heart not to a person, but to the earth.


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